Hesperian 100% Hand Carwash uses 85% reclaimed water. Our water is filtered and kept in a 15,000 gallon tank, Our cleaning solutions are applied with reclaimed water in the first two arches of the wash tunnel. Fresh water is used in the last two rinse arches. The cleaning products we use are all biodegradeable and play a big role on our strive for a more ecologically friendly business.
Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant is a solution that we apply to the exterior of your vehicle, protecting it from the dangers of the environment! With Rain-X we can prevent the formation of water spots. It also prevents dirt and dust in the air from scratching your paint.

Rain-X for Wheels is another solution we use to reduce brake dust formation and to create a longer lasting shine.

Black Magic is a special product that we use in order to brake up greasy rims and get them cleaner than ever! We also use Black Magic Tire Dressing, this particular product is applied to your actual tires to make them shine to their natural glossy black.

Blue Coral Tripple Foam is what we use on our Platinum and Super Platinum Wash, this product is what is gonna break through thick layers of dirt and bugs.

Blue Coral Cold Wax is a spray on wax that is applied to the exterior of the vehicle and gives it a nice shine.

Now you can enjoy Blue Coral’s Spa Scented wash! A unique washing experience, Hesperian 100% Hand Carwash provides is a water-lilly scented soap wash.

Meguiar’s Headlight Restoration is an amazing product that clears away oxidation on headlights. Yellow headlights make it hard to see at night because it significantly masks the light from getting out. Replacing headlights can cost anywhere from $180-$300 dollars depending on the type of headlight it is. Luckily we offer this special service for only $50! Or $25 for one light.

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